Nordenskjöld Glacier (S. Georgia)

Located in South Georgia (54°24’27.5”S 36°22’47.2”W), RGI60-19.02274.

The sources available are: ASTER, COPDEM30, COPDEM90, AW3D30, DEM3, SRTM, NASADEM, MAPZEN and TanDEM-X.


  • one of the (many) cases where TanDEM-X has data gaps and artefacts. Especially note the artefacts in the upper (southern) part of the glacier.

  • NASADEM shows noticeable differences to SRTM in steeper/upper parts which are also present in e.g. AW3D30.



Shaded relief




Scatter plots

These scatter plots are for the glacier area only.