Gillock Island (Antarctica)

Located at the East Antarctica (70°26’06.0”S 71°48’25.3”E), RGI60-19.01251.

The sources available are: ASTER, AW3D30, COPDEM30, COPDEM90, DEM3, RAMP, REMA, MAPZEN and TanDEM-X.


  • ASTER shows ocean

  • DEM3 is obviously taken from RAMP

  • REMA and TanDEM-X agree quite well

  • REMA has small missing featuers

  • One of the rare cases where there is no MAPZEN data

  • AW3D30 has poor data coverage



Shaded relief




Scatter plots

These scatter plots are for the glacier area only. The plots do not work in that case, as MAPZEN DEM only contains NaN values.