Columbia (Alaska)

Located in Alaska (61°12’02”N 146°54’17”W), RGI60-01.10689.

The sources available are: ASTER, Alaska DEM, COPDEM30, COPDEM90, AW3D30, DEM3, ArcticDEM, TanDEM-X and MAPZEN.


  • ASTER (when it has no gaps, which is the case here) is noisy over flat glacier surfaces (north-east of the glacier)

  • DEM3 is obviously based on ASTER but is smoother

  • clear differences between ASTER and the newer products (TanDEM-X, ArcticDEM) might be due to mass-loss, although it seems exaggerated

  • it is one of the cases where ArctiDEM has too many data gaps

  • AW3D30 also hast way to many gaps

  • Both Alaska and Copernicus DEM are without visual problems and compareable besides some differences in the tongue area.



Shaded relief




Scatter plots

These scatter plots are for the glacier area only.