Hintereisferner (Alps)

Located in the Austrian Alps (46°47’43”N 10°46’01”E), RGI60-11.00897.

The sources available are: ASTER, COPDEM30, COPDEM90, AW3D30, DEM3, MAPZEN, NASADEM, SRTM and TanDEM-X.


  • in an easy location in the mid-latitudes, all DEMs are qualitatively OK

  • DEM3 is the most different from all, with an obvious higher elevation tongue

  • worrying generalised bias between SRTM and TanDEM-X, the latter being higher of 40m in average

  • ASTER and SRTM agree the most

  • NASADEM shows noticeable differences to SRTM in steeper (often unglaciated areas) which are also present in e.g. AW3D30. But the flatter parts of the glacier are very similar.



Shaded relief




Scatter plots

These scatter plots are for the glacier area only.