Dyngjujoekull (Iceland)

Located in Iceland (64°43’03”N 17°03’28”W), RGI60-06.00477.

The sources available are: ASTER, COPDEM30, COPDEM90, AW3D30, ArcticDEM, DEM3, MAPZEN and TanDEM-X.


  • ASTER is very bad. The artefacts are not flagged as missing data like it mostly is in TanDEM-X or ArcticDEM

  • TanDEM-X and ArcticDEM agree well

  • DEM3 was generated before these new products, so I guess that a little bit of magic was needed to generate the map

  • AW3D30 misses huge junks



Shaded relief




Scatter plots

These scatter plots are for the glacier area only.